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About Montessoring

 Montessoring offers easy to prep, easy to use language works adapted to the diverse needs of your students.   

Each child has a different set of skills and a different style of learning.  As a Montessori teacher, I loved how the materials and pedagogy helped me adapt to each child’s skills and challenges.  There was one area, however where I often felt frustrated. 

The language materials were originally designed in Italian,but I was teaching in English.  Italian has 28 phonemes and 21graphemes. English has 44 and about 250 gramphemes.  One grapheme, ough, can be pronounced 9 different ways.  This makes learning to read and spell in English a lot more complicated.   

I spent precious time trying to find, make, or adapt language works for students who were still learning to read.  I would use different pages from different workbooks, sometimes cutting pages up to enlarge them on the copier.  I adapted grammar and language mechanics works for my students who could understand the concepts but couldn’t read all the words in the materials.  Despite all this time and effort, I still didn’t have works that were a good fit for all my students.  I heard from the teachers working with 3-6 year olds that they could not find handwriting or reading worksheets that had text that were developmentally appropriate for their students who were ready to read and write. 

 Montessoring will provide teachers  and parents with the language materials  I wish I’d had in my classroom.   We will offer worksheets in various formats to meet the needs of different students and teachers.  The phonetic lessons can be taught in different sequences, depending on how your program has them ordered.   Most of the worksheets will contain lines for the students to write in,  and many of the phonetic pages will have traceable letters and words that will provide them a kinesthetic pathway for the information and also support their developing handwriting.   Tracing pages will be offered with the choice of print, D’Nealian, and cursive, so that students can practice in the same form that they are writing in your classroom or home.

 With Montessoring, you will have works that better fit your students’ need without having to adapt the materials yourself. 

We aim to make things easier for you and all your students.